Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It was mid-morning when I was sitting at the computer playing Write-up the Liturgy for Sunday game which I do every week. I had all the liturgical elements completed and was picking out the hymns. (Yes, the worship committee grants me the luxury of selecting the Sunday hymns - that way they are themed, more or less, to what I am preaching, or the season of the church year, but I digress.) So, I was thumbing through the hymnal when the outer door opens and in wanders a soul you just know is coming in to ask for assistance. His somewhat toothless grin was disarming and his story seemed plausible. On his way, with his uncle, from Texas back to upstate New York and out of fuel, both their truck (which had NY plates) and themselves.
Fortunately this doesn't happen too often, but being on a state route near a major historic highway that runs from New York's Times Square to San Francisco's Lincoln Park, we do have some transients that stop in looking for help. And fortunately, we do have a fund from which to give assistance in the form of gas and meal at the Subway or Wendy's.
So, I hear his story, emphasize with him over his mother's compromised health and offer the help that the church can. He is easy and not once asked for anything but gas and food. Not one appeal for cash money, which makes him more believeable than not.
So, he gets in his truck, where his Uncle was waiting, and I get in my van and off we go to the gas station, where we fill the tank and they get big gulps of pop. (The cups are as large as my Nalgene water bottle!!) Over to Subway, they get the large, hot sandwiches, chips and cookies for dessert. I wish them well on their journey and God's blessing.
I get a "Thanks, Sweetcheeks!" Never been called that before by anyone. So, I guess I'll be called and known as Rev. Sweetcheeks around these here parts!!!!!
Wonder what they would've called me had I been male!!!!
Just call me Rev. Sweetcheeks from now on!!!!

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