Monday, July 30, 2007


LH got inspired to get a new digital camcorder in preparation for our fall vacation. And has been hounding me to learn the digital camera we've had for over two years now and has never been used. Ughhhh.......I hate to admit it. I did get so far as to charge it and put in the SD card, and I think I may have taken a picture of the dogs once. So, I brought out the manual and read til my eyes glazed over and I still don't know how to really work it. My mission in August is to learn to take pictures with the thing. I did buy a case and an extra SD card, wow, they come in 512 MB now!!!
Just give the old the 35mm camera and I'm in business! It's just that you can't e-mail the pictures or even post any on the blog. Now that would be a real feat, if I posted a picture on my blog ~ I'm not too sure I could even figure that out. Sighhhh....that's the problem with not having had kids, you just get behinder as technology moves forward.
I'll let you know when I get through that dratted manual!!!!!!!!

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