Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When Nothing Works Out

We returned home from vacation and I saw two little beaks peeking from the bluebird house, but didn't Beau or Belle.
The next morning, I saw the beaks again and watched and out flew two sparrows! Oh no, could the little bluebirds have fledged already? Nope. The nest was empty. I found an empty bluebird egg with a hole and cracked in the lawn. LH told me he found a dead baby bluebird by the bluebird box which I must have missed, or else, LH spared me. It was a depressing day. I opened the box to get rid of those nasty little sparrows. I fed Beau and Belle some mealworms which they ate the next day. They must be so heartbroken. I know I am.
On Sat. am, I slipped into a neighboring town's Arts & Craft's fair hoping to stop by the woodworker's booth and pick up a cute picket gate shelf he had last year, that I've been kicking myself for the last 12 months for not buying. He wasn't there. In the last 4 years, he was there every year. I don't even have his card.
We bought a 3 wheel spinner in Colmar, France two years ago. It goes in my garden each summer until fall. It started getting faded. Just in the past month, it lost two yellow ribbons and more are starting to fray. Right before we left on vacation, a kitschy catalogue had one! Yipeee!!! I ordered it by snail mail with a check and left on vacation. Been thinking it should be arriving any day now. Got a check from the company in the mail, not available anymore! That catalogue was only a couple weeks old. Must have had problems getting them from China. Now, my spinner won't get replaced.
Sometimes, things just don't work out and unravel. And you go on, praying and hoping that sometime soon, things will begin to work out again.

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