Monday, July 15, 2013


I am in the midst of Steve Wolf's, Comet's Tale on my Kindle. I's a story about a rescued greyhound who in turn rescues Wolf who is debilitated with degenerative disk disease. I see a lot of my different greys in Comet. The book makes me miss Earl - our first grey, my soul mate and who was a Pet Pal volunteer at the big teaching hospital in the city on the North Shore.
I am enjoying this read.
The other is a little treasure, Marjorie Thompson's,The Gift of Encouragement; Restoring Heart to Those Who Have Lost It.
May what a wonderfully insightful book this is and with great prayers and practices. I encourage all pastors to read and have a copy of this little book full of such grace, and to be able to offer that grace and healing and encouragement to those who minister with in our churches or even as spiritual directors. It's worth every penny!!
I have also started Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg - just started it, like I'm about 5 pages into it.
I really don't like reading more than two books at a time - one for professional development and another to feed my soul. So, I think the last book will have to wait until I completely finish Marjorie Thompson's.
In the meanwhile, I am just waiting for November 5th, when the new installment of The Ladies' No. 1 Detective Agency book comes out - The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon!! It's been two years since the last book came out and I have been hankering for another one. Just 16 weeks away! But a long wait since I am so eager to delve into the latest adventure and mystery solving of Precious Ramotswe and sink myself back into Botswana.
Hope you are enjoying your summer reads as well. What are your eyes alighting upon?

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