Monday, July 22, 2013


When I happened to go through a stack of books in my study/storage room, I came upon a book I'd forgotten about. So, I promptly pulled it out of the pile and set about to reading it. The book, Two Women of Galilee, by Mary Rourke was a fictional account of Joanna, wife of Chuza, chief steward in Herod Antipas' court. It mainly centered on Joanna and a bit less on Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It was an interesting read - a bit sparse in really fleshing out relationships. But interesting nevertheless.
I suppose I should go through that stack a bit more often, it seems that there may be another one or two books just waiting to be discovered. In the meanwhile, I will focus on Wonderstruck and get back to it.
When we made a trip to TJ's on Friday, we found a new thing - Chicken Gorgonzola. A frozen chicken dish, well seasoned with pesto and gorgonzola cheese. It was very tasty, and meaty, we didn't even finish it all. I had leftover for my spinach salad the next day for lunch. Pretty good, to get a dinner and lunch out of it. Try it sometime. I didn't even have to add any ground black pepper to it as I do with most prepared foods. That's how well-seasoned it was.
Two things found, one old and one new, in a week.
I find it a grace to discover or find something that adds something to my life - a new read, a new taste, perhaps, even a new exercise. It keeps me growing. If it's something good, it gets added to try again another time. If it turns out, not so good, well, one learns and it doesn't need to be repeated.
LH keeps saying, "You don't know what's in the pickle barrel, until you take the lid off!!" So, I keep an open mind, try to welcome new discoveries and continue to crack the lid on that pickle barrel!!
May the adventure of discovery, finding something old, something entirely new add spice and meaning to your life this summer, help you to grow, add to your wisdom, knowledge, spirit, but not your girth!

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