Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Thanks for all of your prayers for my BIL who is still in the hospital and will be until Thursday. The procedure was mostly successful, but he will need to be on medication. We're just very grateful that all went well and he is recovering nicely. We love him dearly and want him around for a long time to come!!!
To think that 38 years ago he began dating my sister and shyly coming to our house - a young man, far from his home country of Switzerland and with a heavy accent who spoke more Swiss than English, and came to be a son-in-law who was more like an adopted son. Our family loved him and he loved our family. He knew exactly how to handle my Mom and he greatly admired my Dad. He even asked my Dad for permission to marry my sister. He has quirky sense of humor and works so hard and long hours managing his own business of freight forwarding. After they married, weekends were often spent at our home or their home with barbeques or grilled meats in the summer and dinners in the winter. My folks doted on their granddaughter and watched her often. Then came their grandson whom they lavished just as much attention and care.
Although, we often teased each other - and I am stilled owed one - for pushing him into the pool at my parent's house in Florida when he was fully dressed - just because he was just in the right place for it and never saw it coming!!! - he is family. He came down to Florida to help with cleaning out my Dad's condo after he passed away and drove the truck all the way to the North Shore of Ohio and then on to the Windy City. He is outgoing and private. A loving husband and a good father.
With my parent's both gone, he's still (aside from my sister) a strong connection and tie to my folks being a part of our family for so many years. He's the one who helped us navigate our way around Basel, knowing it very well and has been a source of strength to me since my parents' passing. I can't imagine he not being a part of our lives. I was just 17 when he married my sister and he has lived through all my dramas and traumas!!! He's the brother I never had growing up!!!
So, thanks to God and thanks for all the prayers as he continues to heal and get well.

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