Friday, July 26, 2013


Recognizing that RevGalBlogPals are from around the world, your weather may be different. But play along and tell us how YOU beat the heat when it's in season with this week's Friday Five.

Tell us your favorite:

1. Cool treat
That would be a fresh peach or cold watermelon. Chocolate ice cream or frozen custard.
2. Cool drink
Nothing beats a glass of ice cold water!
3. Cooling-off place
Our home with air-conditioning. LH likes it cool and sometimes I even have to put a sweater on!
4. Cool clothes
Linen is the coolest as is pure cotton whether a dress, skirt and shirt, or capri's with a shirt. I have
a few linen pieces and some cotton skirts and dresses that I wear on very hot days. Keeps me cool and comfortable.
Too bad so much of what the manufacturers make these days is polyester.
5. Best alternative to air-conditioning
Nothing really beats air-conditioning unless you are fortunate enough to have a pool. I could be in a pool all day
long on a really hot day and have done so in Florida at my parent's home when they were still alive. Now that was
refreshing and totally wonderful!

Share a photo of your favorite hot weather "chill out" spot

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