Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Speaking of things to recommend - Lea & Perrins Steak Sauce beats A-1 hands down!!!
It's too bad all the restaurants insist on using A-1 which I never liked instead of Lea & Perrins. I think once you've had L & P you won't go back to A-1. It's a better flavor that compliments a steak and doesn't cover it up.
By the way, TJ's Latkes are very good as is their Creamy Polenta with Spinach and Carrots which goes excellently with grilled Italian Sausage. Just something to consider in these summer months.
I'm also recommending that people stop being so lazy and actually use the turn signals on their cars. Is it too much to ask that you use basic rules of road when driving and have some courtesy to other drivers? I mean, I can't read minds and know that you want to change lanes or make a turn left or right when you are ahead of me. Do you people even know where the directional control is on your vehicle and that it is standard equipment? With all the traveling I'm doing, it is more and more apparent that drivers are either 1. lazy, 2. ignorant, 3. too absorbed in their own little world while in their vehicle, 4. on their phone. Pay attention people! You will cause an accident one of these days, and I hope it won't involve me! Out of 4 cars heading to the entrance ramp of the Interstate this morning, I was the only one whose right turn signal was on as I got into the turn lane for the entrance ramp. It is a sorry state of affairs when drivers are just to lazy or too oblivious to other drivers not to use their turn signals.
So there you have it, some recommendations as the week progresses. Not extremely spiritual, just some observations.

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