Monday, October 01, 2012

As I say good-bye to September and welcome October, I am looking at another month of therapy. The Doc seemed pleased enough with my progress that doing a manipulation was not mentioned. (yipee!) But for some reason, it seems to me that 7 years ago, I was further along in the healing process than I am now. Me thinks there is still scar
tissue that needs to be boken through. I did get new pain medication and can ease off the high powered one, which also is progress.
I am again amazed at how each little accomplishment feels like a huge win!!! Whenever the seat gets adjusted on the leg press or more weight is added - wonderful.
Whenever the seat or springs are adjusted on the other machine - good! When the bike seat gets lowered a notch - hallelujah! Each another step further on the journey of healing.
I didn't get considered further for a different position closer to home. I have to let that go and the rejection as well. It is simply not the place God wants me to be for whatever unfathomable reason. I guess God wants me to be a different denomination for the time being.
after hearing a popular preacher/author/professor speak at our Presbytery meeting on Saturday, I feel bad worrying about health insurance come next June and the fact that I have earned no pension in the last year. These are the things of this world and yet, I would not be honest if I did not say that I am concerned and sometimes anxious
about these things. There has been much sacrifice in serving the church - most of which
has been ok or that I can accept. However, the health insurance and pension is what worries me most.
It is all well and good to serve part-time, to serve as an interim, but lacking pension and health insurance is just not adequate, nor just.
I don't believe that the speaker on Sat. loses a wink of sleep wondering about his health insurance or pension.
I am puttinng these things in God's hands, turning them over to God, for they are too big for me to deal with. Somehow, some way, I just have to trust God and stay as faithful as I can, one small step at a time.

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