Monday, October 08, 2012

Don't know if it was LH or I who picked up a very nasty computer virus. So much for
paying for anti-virus protection!
So, the computer is getting cleaned and we are realizing how much time we spend on line,
looking up things, emailing, and playing a game or two. Perhaps, we're spending more
time on-line than we should.
Sad that we didn't get the new router hooked up so we could use my new laptop. But we put off for tomorrow what we should've done today and now we are off-line. It stinks.
Fortunately, I'm in the church office twice a week and can get on-line there.
I really hope we have our computer back by Friday.
For the time being, my dinosaur laptop is plugged in at home to at least type a sermon, save it to flash, print it out and play a game of solitaire or two. So, at least we can prepare for Sunday.
How simply aggravating and irritating it is to be off-line.
i did manage, however, to make some tarragon vinegar when I harvested the tarragon on Sunday afternoon before the frost last night. The dried basil has been jarred, while the oregano and more tarragon is drying. I covered my red pepper plant last night (with its one green pepper on it) and it survived as did the geraniums I covered.
I'm not quite ready for all this frost stuff.
If my presence and lack of Friday Five seem spotty and after the fact, it's cause the computer is getting fixed.
I wish we had a kid who was computer savvy. Sigh. But all our kids have paws!!!
No help there! Besides, a virus needs professional help. They called the FBI virus.
Nasty, nasty, nasty. Don't get it!!!!

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