Friday, October 26, 2012

As of this morning, my orthopaedic doctor has released me from his care! I still have about 3 more weeks of therapy, twice a week instead of three. Finally, progress!
I still can't do stairs normally, but have gotten stronger. It will come. The doctor reminded me that this injury takes 6-9 months to totally heal. I've got a few months more to go!!!! It will be a relief not to have to go to therapy every day I'm not working!!! Yipeee!!!! I was told I was an old veteran at PT!!!
Now, I'm focusing on Reformation Sunday and my portrayal of Ulrich Zwingli - another reformer. Since he was Luther's contemporary in Switzerland, he does talk quite abit about Luther. Hoping the Lutherans will appreciate it and laugh in all the
appropriate places. I would think no one would fall asleep during this lively sermon/monologue. I used to look more like Zwingli until I had to wear glasses to preach. No getting around that, unfortunately, unless I went to contacts which I won't ever want to mess with. I pray that these Lutherans have a sense of humor and expansive spirit to welcome this type of sermon and to learn about another church reformer. I just have to make sure I can lay hold of the hat I crafted years ago that looks like Zwingli's and Luther's.
If I was a tall, thin male, I could probably pull off Calvin, but my body type is more like Zwingli. Besides which, I grew up hearing his name, have visited his birth home, have a Zwingli Bible, and have touched and read a copy of his original Bible from centuries ago that is housed at his birth home. Because he brought about the reformation in Zurich and my family comes from 40 minutes outside Zurich, Zwingli was a more familiar name than Calvin who was way down in Geneva. Of course, growing up Presbyterian - I came to know Calvin as well.
May your Reformation Sunday be an inspiration to all you serve.

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