Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finally, a new hard drive installed and back home. After reinstalling Office, it appeared on screen and was a most beautiful sight - to have Office in front of our eyes, just like before, ready to be used!!! I stroked the monitor. It was a blissful thing!!! Now LH and I can type our sermons and newsletter articles.
It truly is a beautiful thing!
At PT, I have had my knee bent to 116 degrees! Also a beautiful, if somewhat painful thing! The bicycle seat is set down to 2 from a high of 7. All signs of slow and gradual progress. Now I am working on strengthening the quad which is so terribly weak. I cannot stand and start squatting on the left leg without help from the right.
More work and exercises to be done, daily.
But how glorious it is to mark progress and to have Office back. Beautiful things.

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Sarah B said...

Congratulations on your new hard drive! :-) May it last forever and stay virus free!!! Congratulations on the advances in the PT too. Go you!