Monday, September 24, 2012

It's good to be back serving once again.
While studying the scriptures and focusing on Mark and saltiness,
I had the idea to give out little individual packets of salt.
So this afternoon, I drove down the street to The Girl-Named Hamburger place
and spoke with the manager. I mentioned I was serving as interim pastor at the church
just down the street and was looking to see if I could purchase 100 packets of salt.
He donated them to me and this Sunday, the parishioners here will be given a packet of
salt to remind them to be salty in all they do and wherever the day and week may take them
I toss this out to you in the event you may wish to do the same!!
It supports a local business that employs local folks even though
it is free advertisment for the fast food chain!
A neat free thing to do and a tangible reminder of the scripture.

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