Friday, June 15, 2012

It's so dry...we're giving out rainchecks for baptisms!!!!!!!!! We're in an official drought here.
The lawns in the neighborhood look like the African veld, dry, brown, and yellow.
A local farmer just mowed the meadow which had grown quite high since March and was
beginning to look like tinder. There are at least 25 rolls of shredded wheat which as I write are being loaded onto flatbed trucks.
I've had to water the flower beds, day lilies which haven't bloomed yet, the herb
garden and my milkweed plants growing just over our fence in the meadow, as well as our poor little gingko tree which is just thirsting and has only small leaves on it. It's just too, too dry. Normally, this happens in July/Aug. and not already the whole month of June. All the storms dry up before they reach us. We haven't had a decent thunderstorm with an inch or two of rain all spring.
Feeling a wee parched as this interim continues. I did receive a call about an interim position, but too far away on the state line that I would have to rent a place and only get home - who knows, every other week or once a month. I just can't do that again. Spending all that money on extra rent and utilities and being far from home. It is too hard on my spirit.
I'm praying that another position will open up for me, with more hours, better compensation and pension and close to home. Do I hope for too much?
Although, I'e been encouraging the congregation about trusting God, God's plans for their future, I have been in need of that myself. I keep trusting the Great Silence and pray for God's mercy on us and for us.
I think I feel ready for some vacation. I'm only taking a week, since the church can't afford a supply. I have two weeks earned and another week tallying up. With the Wednesday evening potluck, program, and communion, I am putting in long hours on my day at the church. But it's working out ok.
It's also getting very hot in these here parts. So hot, that walking will not be option for most of the week. That puts a kink in getting my exercise and exercising the greys. I did walk through most of W-Mart this morning and that counts as some. I also did some wall push-ups this morning.
I'm thinking being middle-aged and sometimes forgetting something isn't all that bad. It just means an extra trip up and down the stairs for something I've forgotten and some extra exercise!!!! Who knew?!!?
Prayng that you are more quenched than we are and that God is showering your lives with abundant grace.

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