Friday, January 13, 2012

Wow, it's winter! First real winter driving on snow covered streets. I had no wait at the bank, found a great parking space at one grocery store and made it through in record time. Most of the elderly folks didn't venture out this morning. The dry cleaner was a quick in and out and the stop at W-mart included a decent parking space, no crowds, and quick check-out. The drive home went better. Now I'll just hunker down for the afternoon. I have two pairs of slacks to shorten and that seems like a good snow day project.
I did shovel some this morning as there was a 1 1/2 foot drift up against the garage door and by the time I came back it was at about 7 inches already. It's not snowing that much but the wind is blowing hard. The greys are not taking long outside as it's only 19 degrees.
I'm sure that attendence will be down at both Sat. evening and Sun. morning services. I suppose I will have to allow extra travel time as well.
Oh, the joys, of winter!
However, we have not yet had to fire up the snowblower!

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Jan said...

Sounds cold! But then, I'm in Texas.