Monday, January 09, 2012

It was a quiet week and a gentle week. I was able to do some reading, take down the Christmas decorations, and even make two visits to nursing home folks on my day in the office. I have so many more visits to go and can only do so many one day a week. Slowly, they are taking place.
Tomorrow is house cleaning day and it needs it since I didn't do it last week. It seems like every time I turn around, it's either time to clean house or write a newsletter article for the church newsletter!!! They both seem to come around more frequently than anything else!
I pray that your new year has started well. That there is room and space for gentleness and quiet.
It has been a strange winter. We are snowless once more after receiving about two-three inches last Sunday/Monday. By Friday and Saturday, with the sun and warm temperatures it was all melted away. On Wed. we are supposed to reach near 50 degrees again. Usually that happens only once sometime during the winter - a tease, a reminder, a promise of what will come again to ease our frozen and cold souls. I have contended that with the harsh winters of the last two years, that we are due for a milder winter. Perhaps, this is that winter. Week two of January and we aren't a frozen wasteland!!! I will savor this. It may not last. There are still 7 weeks until March, but somehow, at the moment, that doesn't seem such a long time.
I do miss the snow covering the lawns, the bushes and trees. I don't miss driving in it and the bitterly cold wind that whips right through you.
I know there will be some of that yet to come. The crocuses, iris, tulips and daffodils need some insulating snow cover.
I'm thinking I should do a pool - how many times will LH have to start up the snowthrower this winter? I'm thinking perhaps two times at most.
Any takers? Any guesses?

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