Tuesday, January 03, 2012

There we were gathered around the kitchen table with LH's sisters, when LH noticed something furry on the back fence. We all gazed out the sliding glass door and beheld a cat perched on the top of the 4 foot high fence in the wind and the snow flurries.
We had seen that cat around the neighborhood before. It was without collar or tags and went into ours and neighbors front flower beds.
LH opened the door and out ran Renoir, who noticed something different about the fence and gingerly went up to it. The cat hissed and arched its back at least a couple times.
Then LH released Jazz who was all too interested and out of the door he bounded and ran right to the fence and jumped on the fence. There commenced a flurry of hissing, running and a greyhound with a cat in its mouth, and a cat on the ground and I couldn't take the scene. LH ran out and thankfully, the fighting cat ran way up the river clump birch tree and the dogs came in. We thought that the cat would be scared off by two quick dogs that were four times its size. But that cat was a feisty fighter and wasn't going to simply hop off the fence and run away.
The dogs were proud to have chased and run down what they saw as prey.
The poor cat stayed in the tree for a good long time and slowly inched
its way down the tree. It took almost an hour. I'll bet its heart was still pounding and thankful for nine lives, one of which was probably used up that very afternoon.
I doubt that we will see that cat anywhere near our backyard any more. The dogs have settled down with good memories of a winning chase until LH spoiled it. And I am relieved that the cat lives and hopes it has learned its lesson.
To all furry things that would seek to invade our property, be ye warned, the greys are fast and won't tolerate trespassers!!!!(To all bunnies, cats, and various critters) To you, cat owners in the neighborhood, keep you cat indoors for we cannot vouch for its safety once it comes into our yard.
That was enough excitement to last me the long month of January!

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