Monday, March 15, 2010


Finally found a dress for my nephew's wedding across the pond in June. I hope that it's not 80 degrees that day or I'll be way too warm and melting. It's sage green - a favorite color of mine. The dress is actually a skirt with a sparkly tank and sparkly 3/4 sleeve cardigan. The skirt will have to be shortened to tea length since it is a late afternoon garden wedding.
Actually, I found the hat first. An upturned brim with some feathery things sticking out of gathered scrunch. It was sage green! Loved the hat. Then went down to the dress dept. I tried on two sage green dresses. One was way too tight in the hip and too short for my tastes and had a blingy medallion on the side. (not me). This other has sparkly glitter and no beading of any kind.
I found a pair of pewter twisted vamp wedge sandals that I can wear and even walk in. Granted they are not a heely, dainty sandal. But I have to be able to walk with my bunions. I have a pair of ivory colored leather shoes that can work as well.
Course, I look like a marm in it all. Oh well, amply pudgy, over 50, I guess its official. I'm a marm!!!I'm sure Peacebang would have a field day with my choice.
However, the color is flattering, it is comfortable and not in any way unseemly (too low cut, slit up to thigh, or sleeveless - except for the tank which, of course, is covered with the buttonless cardigan). It'll even travel well without wrinkling too badly.
My sister is still looking for just the right dress. I'll have to send her picture and see if she thinks its too marmy.
Now, I just have to find a small purse so I'm not lugging my Bean canvas backsaver bag.
I feel relieved to have found something that works, fits, is appropriate and comfortable. Whoohoo!!! I'm ready to party!

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