Monday, March 08, 2010

As I work on the liturgy for this coming Sunday, I gaze out the window that overlooks the parking lot and the hill and ranch houses and between 2 ranch houses I can see 4 deer out munching in the houses' bakcyards not far from the wooded upper hillside. There are 5 deer now that I can see. There has been enough of a thaw to expose grass and they seem content to busily munch away at whatever they can after a long two months of bitter cold and snow with not much to nibble on. I am glad they survived hunting season. I haven't seen them in two months and it is such a grace to see them now. I can also be thankful that they are not munching away in my backyard or garden!!! They look gaunter than last fall and didn't so much as stop munching when a flatbed truck with a car on it drove down the side road between the parking lot and the houses. They are very hungry deer.
As Lent unfolds and winter slowly loosens its grip, for what are you hungry and hungering?

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