Monday, March 22, 2010

What a joy and delight to see all the crocuses blooming in my flower bed! All is still so brown with the grass just now beginning to green and to have such a splash of purple with orange centers is a sight to behold!
I am amazed that our house is one of just two on our street with crocuses blooming and filling an otherwise drab environ with brilliant color. Do not the spirits of others long and yearn for color after a long, hard, snowy winter? It's too bad they miss out on the joy and delight of seeing such beauty and wonder.
I don't know about my Siberian Iris. I separated them last fall and I don't see any new shoots. I hope I didn't kill them, but they didn't bloom as well last year and I had never separated them.
My sedum has wintered nicely with new green knobs already showing. The daffodils leaves are up with a couple buds, and the tulip leaves are showing more. The poppy leaves are growing at an amazing rate. And the butterfly plant, well, time will tell if it survived winter. It didn't last year and I had to replant a new one.
The chives are growing as is the garlic and the chamomile, along with the grass that ought not to be in the garden. I'll need to planting herbs before too long, except for the basil, which cannot take the cold.
How good it is to see new life coming forth, springing forth from the ground. How I long for that new life to be springing up within me. Alas, that time has not yet come for that. But, I maintain hope, that it will come, one day. Even though, I cannot see any evidence of it. God is in the resurrection business. I have experienced it before, seen it in the lives of others and so I cling to the promise of new life yet to come when this dark night is past.

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