Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dumb and Now Even Dumber -
Ok, so I fried the disposal. LH calls last night to say that 2 long anchoring screws to the faucet fell out and were lying on the cabinet floor under the sink. We had that faucet replaced some time ago - last fall, by a plumber who took longer than he needed, to do a simple replacement. Apparently, he forgot to really screw these anchor screws in. Opps! And a bolt or washer is even missing. So, much for a job well done. (I do believe the vibrations from the disposal probably caused these not really screwed-in anchor screws to fall out completely.
Perhaps, in the frying of the disposal, the incomplete plumbling job has come to light sooner rather than later. Perhaps, I'm seeking some redemption for my ineptitude and just plain dumb thing I did!!!
In this Lent, it leads me to ponder about repentance and redemption. We, who cannot help ourselves, find redemption in the only One who can help us, forgive us and bring to life that which we cannot on our own. Not a bad lesson to be learned about disposals, faucet screws, dumb things, incompleted jobs and Lent. I'll take it!

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