Thursday, March 04, 2010


The sky is a blue canopy with nary a cloud and the sun is shining and casting shadows - something we haven't seen around these here parts for quite some time. IT does the soul and spirit good to see blue ski and sunshine.
Am working on funeral sermon. I've been spared one for nearly 8 weeks!
Being an interim, you join in where and as people are, without much knowledge of how it used to be or who folks were. That can be a good thing and yet, in the case of doing a funeral, it is a difficult thing for me. I wish I had known them before they were stricken ill, could no longer talk, before their bodies no longer functioned in the way they had, when they could still hear and still see. Every once in a while, I officiate at a funeral for someone I would have enjoyed knowing more and better. The funeral on Sunday afternoon, will be one of those. Interesting, fascinating, ever active woman, who no longer had a voice, but eyes that could still sparkle and a heart and spirit that knew God's love, and one who still remembered the taste of bread and wine. Her 3 daughters are beautiful and loving, grieving, remembering, crying and laughing. So healthy and so together and as unique as their mother. I pray that all I offer will the honor the life, the memory, the love of this mother and woman, I could only glimpse and never really knew, but wished I had known her.
Perhaps, at the Kingdom banquet we will meet and be known to one another in the heart of God.

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