Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am saddened to say good-bye to our hummingbirds, Hummer and Mazda. Last night I took our little flowerbox feeder down, emptied it, and didn't put it back. Mazda will come and look to eat and there will be no nectar waiting for her. It makes me sad. But I do this because it's time, time for them to leave for the south and more warmer climes. The cold temps are on their way here and so I had to...take down the feeder. And it makes me sad to say good-bye in such a way. And I wonder, what does she think, when she flits by and there is no nectar? Perhaps, she is hungry and now there is no food for her. But I have to relinquish my care for them and let them go their winter's way. No more will they flit and hover nearby. They drained the Bee Balm long ago and their brown bald heads remind me, it is that time, to say good-bye, to let go. I will feel better tomorrow, knowing they are winging their way to where it is warmer and food more plentiful. But for today, I honor my sadness, for that is fall's lesson - to let go, surrender, relinquish and to acknowlege and honor the sadness inherent to that. Tomorrow, I will look forward to the hummingbird's return in the spring and putting the feeder in my flowerbox full of fresh, red sweet nectar and welcoming them back with a refreshing and satisfying meal at the end of their journey back. But for now, I grieve their leaving...

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