Tuesday, September 09, 2008

There are times...
when I could just smack LH! We will be the most unneighborly neighbors when the upcoming block party/pig roast someone in our part of the subdivision is hosting happens on the last Sat. of September. The invitation flyer came Labor Day weekend and along with the pig roast, there will be rented tents, tables, chairs, tableware (plastic and paper), an inflatable jumper, games and prizes for the kids. We are to bring a covered dish, our beverages and submit $35.00 per household regardless of how many children or no children.
So that became the sticking point for LH who succinctly stated,"I'm not paying $17.50 for a handful of pork, a paper plate and a chair." No amount of cajoling could convince him otherwise. He contends that the gathering will not even happen due to the cost. I contend that it will and we will be the only neighbors not in attendance. He promises to make it up to me if he is wrong. The bet is on.
In the meanwhile, I am thinking of ways he could make it up to me. Any ideas?

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