Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The floor care team has finally finished cleaning all the carpeting and floors in the Sanctuary, fellowship hall, downstairs classrooms and hallway. Interesting that the Offices were not cleaned! Hmmmm....But at least it is quiet today without the constant droning and noise from the machinery.
It is refreshing to have - quiet. The phones were quiet. No much traffic into the building today. Visits that didn't work out. So, it is quiet. Still. A time of prayerful work, of listening to the still, small voice that only comes in the sheer silence. I don't mind the quiet, a respite from the noise within and around me, to hear, to listen, to notice, to pay attention to God. There will be times when bustling through my day, I will have no silence. So, I will savor, cherish and honor this quietude and know I have no need to fill it up...

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