Monday, September 15, 2008


Although we did not have the rain or storm sturges that our Texan brothers and sisters experienced, we did get the winds up to 70+ mph. For several hours late Sunday afternoon and evening the winds blew bringing down power lines, uprooting trees and shearing the tops off of pine trees.
Fortunately, we lost power only momentarily several times in the evening. Others were not so fortunate. Our subdivision has all of its power lines buried which makes all the sense in the world. The village where I serve lost power and school was cancelled, businesses closed and I worked at home. We cancelled Session and Worship Committee meetings and rescheduled for next week.
The residual winds of Ike, if you can call them residual at the rate Ike blustered through here, shredded our neighbor's play tower canopy which now bears a Halloweenish ghostly haunted house look.
Our prayers have been with the good people of Texas and those in all the countries Ike has touched.
We did get the rain we have sorely needed in these parts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. My rain gauge totalled 4+ inches. The frogs in the retention basins were celebrated their joy in song!
Will have a very long week next with several committee meetings and Presbytery that will be 1 hr. and 50 min. drive each way on that Saturday.
For now, I will enjoy the breathing space that was given as gift to me this day.

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