Monday, September 29, 2008


1) What is your favorite apple dish? (BIG BONUS POINTS if you include the recipe!)
Apple Crisp. No recipe since I prefer the crisps someone else makes!!!

2) Have you ever planted a tree? If so, was there a special reason or occasion you
can tell us about?
When we moved into our new home years ago, we had no lawn and no trees. I had
always wanted an eastern redbud (beautiful spring flowering tree), I really
like Birch trees and to plant a Gingko tree was on my Bucket List. So, we
planted a redbud out front (which has now died and will be replaced this fall).
We planted a River Clump Birch in the back and I, by sheer providence,
found and planted a Gingko tree. I enjoy my trees immensely.

3) Does the idea of roaming around the countryside (preaching or otherwise)appeal
to you? Why or why not?
I've done my share of roaming as an interim minister. I kinda like being in
one place for awhile. Alas, roaming seems to be in my blood, as both my parents
crossed the pond and my Dad had lived on three continents. I suppose I will
stay put only so long until I or LH will make a move to seek a new call.

4) Who is your favorite "historical legend"?
Wilhelm Tell. Duh. No brainer! Whose the biggest, best and baddest legend
in Switzerland? - William Tell!!! Sharpshooter extradonaire! Didn't take
c--p from the Austrians, stood his ground, united the peoples and a
country called Switzerland was wrested away from the Hapsburgs (Austrians)
and became a nation unto itself - free, democratic, and neutral.

5) Jonny Appleseed was said to sing to keep up his spirits as he traveled across
the west. Do you have song that comes to mind when you are trying to be
cheerful or is there something else that you often do?
Most often the Taize song: "In the Lord, I'll be ever thankful"

BONUS: What's your favorite apple variety?
Jonathan. Can't hardly find them in the store anymore so I eat Gala's.
Now it's your turn to share!

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