Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Last night after supper and dishes, I folded 88 origami boats to use in worship in a few weeks with the calling of the disciples. I ran out of paper and have to go this Friday and get some more ( I didn't want all boring white boats and the black was too dark to write on). So I got to thinking, how many male pastors would be folding origami boats for their worship services?
(Hint: I am married to one who wouldn't even though he liked my cloud idea, for the Great Cloud of Witnesses Stewardship Sunday).
I knew it would take awhile to fold them and didn't want to leave it to the last minute.
Yet, I am curious as to the numbers if any male pastors would or do such things?
Somehow, it seems to reach folks here on a deeper level when there is an item involved, something tangible, something visual. They are not ready for any screens or video clips here! Oh my! (I get grief for not using the old gospel hymnbook in a week! Sigh.) And yet, they so respond when in our worship something besides just listening is asked of them. I have yet to hear a complaint or catch grief because they received a glass gem reminding them that they are beloved of God, or hanging a cloud on the sanctuary wall with the names of those saints in light who were examples of faith to them and surrounding us all with a great cloud of witnesses).
If there are any male pastors or women pastors who know if any male pastors out there who would do this, let me know. I'm just kind of curious. Maybe this is just my quirk. Do any of you women pastors incorporate such things into your worship/sermon?

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Songbird said...

At Small Church I used lots of non-screen visuals, particularly sticks, rocks, fabric and whatever items were illustrative of a metaphor used in the weeks theme. We wrote on little pieces of paper and took home river stones. (We also did a fair amount of drama.) These innovations were very well-received.
I won't start doing these things instantly at my Interim, but I suspect I will begin as the Spirit moves me.