Thursday, January 04, 2007


I've read that bottled water is now going to be a big no-no due to the water shortage in certain areas of the world. And here we are, selling precious water in bottles! Maybe, the water bottling companies could earmark 25% or more of their profits to those places and put in water pumps and filters! Now, there's a solution that wasn't so hard!
I am not going to be made to feel guilty for drinking something I've been drinking all my life (nearly 1/2 a century, thank-you). Water has been my drink of choice from my earliest days. Never was much of a pop drinker, didn't even like Coke or 7-Up 'til I was at least in 7th grade. Europeans have been drinking bottled mineral water for years before it even hit the States. "Course, those were the days of glass bottles, but they had plastic bottles in the early "80's.
Ususally, I drink tap water. However, where we live presently, the tap water is not that great, so we have a fridge with a filter. I drink that most of the time. Dare I admit that often the bottled water I have with a brand label on it usually contains my filtered fridge water, since I wash and reuse most of the bottles from water I buy.
I think bottled water, although they charge more for it than needed, is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Handy to carry and pick up whenever and wherever. You can slip it in a bag, stick it in your cupholder, have it with you at meetings, ahh, 'tis a most wonderful thing.
That's the beauty of it, the convenience! And it has gotten more people drinking water than ever before. Is that such an awful thing?
I don't know that the bottled water companies are sucking all our water sources dry. How about people who take really loong showers and baths, who run the water from the faucet the whole time they're brushing their teeth, how about sprinkling lawns in the summer instead of letting your dumb lawn go dormant until the temps cool and the rains fall when they will green up again (isn 't nature wonderful how it can care for itself and survive?!!?). You get the picture.
So, if it is now PC not to drink bottled water and if the churches eventually get on the band-wagon and call for boycotts, count me out. I will drink water, tap, fridge, and bottled until my last swallow on this earth.

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