Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not Yet Ready

Seems like I'm still recovering from the Advent/Christmas season and here I am planning for Lent with not alot of steam or energy. Must be the mid-winter blahs, although, up until a week ago we were fairly mild and now it seems like winter just started. Ever just get that way?
Problem is, Lent is not far away so this winter malaise needs to fly south and take up residence somewhere else instead of within me!
Spent my day off at a Presbytery sponsored all day conference with Kennon Callahan. The worst was getting up so early and driving nearly two hours on a country winding up and down roller coaster road with snowflakes flying and uncertain road surface. By 3:30 pm things wound down to Q & A's and I decided my BFB had had enough and I was ready to leave. Since the sun was shining and the roads dried up I sailed home in 1 1/2 hours, just in time to make an easy dinner, then do dishes, then relax.
Saturday it was up early again for Presbytery meeting an hour + drive. I was good and stayed til 2:30 pm, with a whopper of a headache and my BFB that was tired of being sat upon. AFter the trip home, it was finessing the sermon, cooking supper, doing dishes (which don't fit in the dishwasher) and getting everything together for Sunday morning.
Maybe not really having a day off is where this malaise is coming.
I hope the Spirit will invigorate tomorrow!

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