Monday, November 13, 2006


Here it is Monday, November 13th and in two weeks and three days we will be holding our Youth Spaghetti Dinner. This is an annual fund-raiser for our youth's mission trip which will be this coming summer 2007. (to Appalachia)
This year we've added a Mystery Silent Auction to the dinner and the Holiday Festival going on in the community, knowing more folks will be in our building.
The Youth sent out letters to 85 churches across the country (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico)asking for a donation of an item or items indigenous to their area of the States or region to be auctioned off for this Youth Mission Trip. Bidding begins at the price of postage. Our church and youth would be willing to do the same for another church.
Well, we received 4 packages in the last week and a half. I had hoped for 25-30 packages, hoped for God to blow me away with 50 packages and now I'm wondering whether we will even have a dozen packages to auction off. So, here I stand, 'twixt doubt and belief that we will receive enough packages to hold the auction. It will be a looong two weeks!!!! And my prayers will be most ardent.
I even put a map of the USA on a board with pushpins to pinpoint the origin of each and every donation received, just as a no-sxtra-charge geography lesson!!!
Each donating church will receive a thank you now and a picture postcard of our Youth on their mission trip, later.
Your prayers added to ours would be appreciated.

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will smama said...

Wow, what a great idea. Hopefully it is just that the church folks are the last minute type. Either way - great idea.