Monday, November 20, 2006

Well, it's not the first time, I've been proven wrong! So there under my last post is the Euphonium! Fiddle-de-de. My van makes a liar out of me at the mechanic's, my dogs make a liar out of me in front of visitors, and LH will make a liar of me from time to time. Just when you think you know it, have the pattern down-pat, something always comes along to trip it up, and there I am proven wrong!!!
Our mystery silent auction update: As of this morning we are at 10 wonderful mystery packages. I'm hoping for a dozen, would be jumping up and down in the pulpit for 20 and absolutely ecstatic for 30!!! I'm happy for the Youth that we have 10 mysterious packages to auction off starting next Thursday evening through Dec. 17th. (One package from far off, may get here late, bad weather) So we may have 11 packages at this time.
The responses from letters or e-mails from a few of the churches have been so uplifting, they seem thrilled to highlight something special in their neck-of-the-woods, and to feel part of a connectional church. WOW! Mission connects and keeps us centered in Christ!
And that's something to lift up in thanksgiving. My spirit sings and my prayers go out to these wonderful churches. Blessing upon blessings be yours! And far more thanks than we can ever say.
Nice to be proven wrong, sometimes!

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