Saturday, November 18, 2006


I just don't quite get it. Buckeyes all across the state are donning scarlet and grey and generally going nuts (pun intended) over the BIG GAME today. The interesting thing is some of the most ardent, colorful, and visible fans are not even alumni. Yup, they never went to OSU. So, how come they are such fans. Perhaps, because OH major league teams have such trouble winning. (The Indians came close a few years ago) So, maybe everyone gets excited over one state team that does win, even if it is a college game.
Call me odd, but growing up outside of Chi-Town, I don't recall any such fan-atic displays over any team. OK, the one year the Cubs were in the playoffs. But nothing like things here in the Buckeye state. It's all football and decorations: personal, home and lawn are all over. It's an interesting phenomenom. Have we no other heros, have we nothing better to stand up and cheer about than football games, players and coaches? Call me a church geek - but what if we were as excited about our faith in Christ Jesus as we are about OSU football? WOW!!!!!!!!! It would be absolutely tremendous and stunning.
What if we, Presbyterians, donned shirts with our logo, hung flags from our porches, had a Presbyterian tailgate party the evening before worship and invited everyone we know to come to the BIG EVENT - Sunday morning worship? What if all the bucks spent on all the game, travel, lodging, tickets, food and paraphenalia actually went to mission? Imagine that! Now, that's something I could understand.
Call me a church geek, if you will. I doubt I'll be watching the game at all, maybe just to get the score so I won't sound out of the solar system in the morning.
In the meanwhile, I'll be imagining a BIG EVENT FOR THE FAITHFUL IN CHRIST!


Anonymous said...


You live in OHIO and don't get it? Ah, we love the "Gentiles" among us anyway. I think Buckeye fever is a somewhat genetic disease. It's not for everyone. But for those of us who have been Buckeye fans during the lean years (poor teams, bad coaching and the like) it is a delight to see the change. Jim Tressel may or may not be a follower of Christ, but he has an ethos about him that makes one suspect he is.

And - while some people do indeed use football as an excuse to have a weeklong drunken binge, there are as many who are intent about being God's people in the midst of the fun. I suspect that if there had been OSU-UM football at a bowl game in Nazareth, Jesus just might have enjoyed the spectacle, the pageantry, and had an absolutely FANTASTIC parable or two for those who were watching with him...

Therein lies the challenge, eh?

proud Buckeye (I admit it)
lover of Jesus
serving the church
and procrastinating on her next paper...

St. Inuksuk said...

Nice to know we beat MI!!!!!!