Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm Being Humored!
This evening is the annual decorating of the church for Advent/Christmas. After the decorating of the sanctuary, fellowship hall and outside doors, we will have a dinner of sorts. It is the traditional pizza and chips and pop (soda for you non-midwesterners). Appalled by such an unhealthy supper, last year I suggested veggies and dip. I made it and brought it. This year, I suggested it again, and well, there you go, smiles all around the table and the nodding of heads. My veggies and low-fat dip that everyone likes and has not one clue that it's low fat are in the church fridge keeping cool. Who makes a dinner of bland cheezy pizza and potato chips? How greasy, fatty and carbo laden is that? You, know, they did eat some veggies and dip last year. I'm figuring they'll eat some tonight too!
I am far from the poster child of proper eating, but I try very hard, to cook healthy and not neglect the veggies, and of course, not forgetting the chocolate food group.
Will try to prolong the life of the parishioners here with healthy food, since it is such a struggle to bring in new members who aren't baptized or confirmed!!!!!

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