Saturday, August 02, 2014


Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with tracking some genealogical mysteries in my family. I’m reaching back through generations into the past, but I’m also moving from the past toward the present in an effort to locate cousins descended from the same ancestor. Naming patterns prove to be useful clues in these endeavors, and in turn, lead me to today’s Friday Five theme.
Share with us:
  1. Is there a story behind your name?
            Don't really know. My last name is a bit like Smith or Johnson in a certain part of
            Switzerland. My mom wanted first names that would work in both the US and
  1. If you have children, how did you choose his/her/their name(s)? If you don’t have children,
          how about a pet?
          We named our Beagle after an Old Testament figure - Baruch  Ben B- our last name.
           It was all alliteration. Our first greyhound we named Earl after Earl Grey Tea. Our
           second grey came with the name Benjamin - so we called him Benny. The third
           grey had the name Jetta Nickel and we weren't going to call him Nickel. So we called
           him Jett - therefore, we had Benny and the Jet!!!! The next grey had a weird name and
           because he is a bit of a goofball with an irrepressible spirit - we named him Jazz. Our
           most recent grey was a tough one. He had an awful racing name - not much one could
           do anything with, and he didn't react to his nickname. We tossed around many a name
           with no reaction whatsoever. I really looked at him and it crossed my mind that if
           Renoir would have painted a greyhound, this one would be it. I said, "Renoir" and
           he came over to me. He picked his own name as if he knew that was his real name.
          He's got brindle patches with mostly soft, diffused white - ergo - Renoir!

  1. I named the stand mixer in my kitchen Ethel, and a friend of mine names her plants. Do you ever name household items, and what inspires the names behind them?
          I haven't named any appliances or plants really. I do name my vehicles. Mystic is my
          current van.
  1. Do you daydream about what you might name a boat, a novel, a business, or something else that begs for a title?
           I always thought I'd name a boat - Wind Dancer.
  1. If you were to write under a pseudonym, what might that be, and is there a story behind that name?
           Not really. I figure if I ever wrote anything worth publishing, it would be under my
           real name - for posterity's sake since we have no kids.
  Just realized the 5 things have come out as 1. Oh well! Been busy and have a wedding today.
It's just have to do.

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altar ego said...

Love Benny and the Jett! And Renoir is a fabulous name for a grey. Cool all around. Thanks for playing!