Monday, August 11, 2014


  A little Sturm und Drang at the L church I'm serving. Hopefully, the tempest is over as people have talked with and to one another, misunderstandings cleared up.
   Why do we think the worst of one another?
   Course, one person is not easy to get along with, but is also a necessary part of this community of faith. We heal and move forward.
   Then there's the M church. 4 visits last Thursday, two were somewhat emotional. And I went home drained to my very core. I ran from one to another and barely had time for lunch. Not good. I wolfed it down in 15 minutes. Also, not good.
   I am working on my sermon following vacation. It just has to get done this week. And the laundry for vacation. I am all over the place this week. And one week away isn't really long enough. Sigh.
But it's better than no time away at all.
   Now it's off to a Confirmation meeting with the L churches in the area and a visit later on.
I'm tired already!!!!

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