Wednesday, July 23, 2014


is what my life is now. Working two part-time positions leaves very little free time. My poor old van is really getting a workout and I fear for how much longer, she'll last. Time for an oil change yet again. Plus new tires are on the horizon.
  Now I not only have my cell phone to check, but the M church gave me a church cell phone. Great, now I get to carry two phones in my purse as if it wasn't heavy enough with all the things I normally carry. Two phones to check for messages, and also another church email address.
  I am using my pocket calendar - shudder if you will thinking how old school - much more now to keep track of everything.
  The weeks will be full, my Friday off - either cleaning house or running errands and a wedding next weekend. Thankfully, the rehearsal is on Thursday evening -so I get my Friday off, but have to be in for the Sat. wedding.
   I still have to find something to use for Adult Sunday School that doesn't cost an arm and an leg,
and order kids' curriculum for the two boys who come.
   I will also have to find something for Confirmation this fall - don't yet know which Bible Story I'm teaching - but I don't have any old resources to draw from.
   I don't even want to think about Advent - if I'm still at L church.
   Maybe, I just some vacation. I am ready. LH is ready. Three more weeks to wait. Can't wait to go and just relax and read. Even though we can barely afford it and board the dogs for a week. It gets so expensive. But our lodging is free and that's a big plus and getting to see my sister, BIL, niece and hopefully, nephew, wife and new baby will be great! Just three more weeks...

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