Thursday, August 28, 2014


Back from vacation and already back in the swing!
With Rally Day fast approaching it's the plan ahead for worship, get Sunday School material together, get confirmation material together, and prep for all!
  With the M church it's all visits, visits, visits! Have three visits this afternoon. Had one this morning.
  Ahhh, fall is in the air!!!!
  The good thing even though our vacation was late, was that I got to see in the flesh, and hold, my great niece. Ok, she cried every time I held her except for once. But she is such cutie.
Enjoyed seeing my nephew and his wife as well. Plus, my niece who came up on Sunday for a quick overnighter bearing the gifts of the produce from her garden some of which we will enjoy tonight!
Seeing my sister and BIL is always good.
  So, it was a busy time with family and a couple days all to ourselves. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and we had some rain and two and half days of fog. That's life on the beach or at least what beach there was. With the high lake levels, there isn't much beach to walk without getting wet feet or needing a machete to cut through all the grasses and beach vegetation. So, I settled for some short walks on the beach.
  By the time we came home, the monarch chrysalis was half gone and the butterfly we fostered had made that magical transformation from caterpillar, to chrysalis to butterfly. We missed the butterfly part. Perhaps next year. This is the first year we had a chrysalis on the milkweed so maybe we'll have another next year and be around it to see it get transparent even if we don't witness the emerging butterfly.
   We have fostered bluebirds and now, a monarch butterfly!
  Although, we never became parents, we have fostered some amazing creatures!
  So, onward to make my visits.

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