Monday, August 04, 2014


I'm beginning to wonder if I really should count and track of all the stupid things I end up doing.
Maybe this is one of them, too!
  Actually, it was Saturday night and I was plugging my cell phone in for an overnight charge. This is my own phone. I had already charged the church cell phone that evening after the wedding.
So I grab the cord plug it into the phone and grab the socket end and plug it into the wall socket and off to bed I went.
   After getting up early on Sunday morning, feeding the dogs, letting them out and brewing the coffee for breakfast, I checked my smart phone only to see no little green light on it. In fact there was no light at all! How odd, I thought. I unplugged the socket plug from the socket and checked the phone, it was down to 13% and hadn't charged all night at all. Even odder. I took the plug out of the smart phone and realized, I used the charging cord from the church phone into my cell, and used the charging cord from my cell to plug into the socket. Duh!!! No wonder my phone hadn't been charged.
I charged it while I was at church and put the church cord away in the tote bag I use for that church!!!
(Both phones can use the same cord, coincidently!) 
   Well, now that was sheer stupidity! Next time, I will wait to see if the red light goes on after plugging in the phone! Maybe I will only use one cord to charge both phones! (That seems the safer and more reasonable option!)
   I can only wonder what next week will bring! I hope that's all for this week!

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