Thursday, November 07, 2013


a little bit crazy and rather hectic lately.
Had a wedding last weekend - rehearsal on Fri evening and wedding on Saturday, all of which entailed an hour commute each way.
Sunday I led worship, adult Sunday School, made a visit that turned into a trip to the ER, calling the woman's husband and friend and daughter. Going to the ER where the husband and friend were there by the time I arrived. I stayed for awhile and had another prayer with the parishioner. I got home around 4 pm.
I've been working on my mid-week Advent services liturgy which I just finished up on Wednesday, between meetings and a deathbed visit. She is still alive and I don't believe the funeral will be until Monday the earliest. Thanks be to God. I am on vacation at the moment.
On Tuesday I cleaned house and the guest bedroom.
Today I readied the guest bedroom and bath, went to the store, vacuumed the van, cleaned the windows (it's been way too long since the last cleaning!), and am de-cluttering.
I have been hard at work organizing a 50th birthday celebration for my sisters-in-law who will arrive here tomorrow. The entire weekend is booked with things I can not share until the weekend is over in case prying eyes will read this!!! The gifts are wrapped and the cake ordered to be picked up tomorrow morning.
I had hoped to have Monday free to do laundry and some Advent/Christmas planning and prep. I also am teaching the cooperative confirmation class on Holy Communion and have most of the lesson done. Still at work on the liturgy for devotions which is a service of communion. Since it is Advent I will have the manger holding a bread wrapped in white linen - God come to us, Christ born to give himself to us - the imagery is very meaningful. There will be newsprint with various colored markers for the kids to draw a symbol, image or word of what they experience in communion.
And I still have order the turkey for Thanksgiving and start making a shopping list of all items needed.
While I wait to hear word about the dying parishioner.
Like I said, it's been kind of crazy busy recently.
I am hoping for a fun girly weekend, but the reality of a pending funeral does hover over me. I will do my best to keep all lighthearted for the weekend.
I think things will just be this squirrely until the end of the year!

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Robin said...

Hope the week-end is going well and that worship today is a blessing!