Tuesday, November 26, 2013


has indeed, begun.
Yesterday, I had a funeral. What a great family. The husband was ever so caring and visited her nearly every day in the nursing home - at least the one she moved to which was closer to where he was living with his one son. It all went very well. This was the first funeral where the deceased looked less like she did the past year. I was also compensated more than any other funeral from the funeral home. I had no idea what the compensation was - usually it's around $75.00 to, when you're fortunate, $100.00.
The ladies provided a luncheon for more than actually came. All was good.
The funeral took up most of the day and by the time the last lady left, who I helped with getting stuff in her car, I was exhausted. I left about 20 minutes early since I knew I wasn't going to get much more done or out of me at that point. It was a good tired though.
Mostly I feel blessed that the family felt ministered to, and were good with all I did and the church did. That is always the most important.
Today, I went to grocery store, gas station, bank and dry cleaners. I started the turkey stock when I arrived home and the wild rice is cooking. Next will come the regular rice. I have put the stock through the blender and made a mess like always. I still have some clean up to do.
I polished the silver and washed and dried the crystal. Put the tablecloth on the table and the cloths on the side tables. This will save me some work on Thursday.
Tomorrow evening I will make the stuffing, dessert, and the cheeseball and perhaps, if I'm not too tuckered out, wipe down the china and pull out all the bowls, serving utensils, etc. needed. Leaving Thursday morning with cleaning the guest and half bath once more, sanitizing everything, and setting the table while the turkey is roasting. I think things are fairly together this year even with the additional company of my sister and BIL. Can't wait to see them again.
I pray the snow won't be too much, they're predicting around 3 inches.
I pray my commute into church won't be totally horrendous since it's close to the PA border and they are the ones that will have the most snow. Will see how it goes.
The sermon is written for Sunday and I will have Sat. afternoon to go over everything, get the diaper pins ready (in a cradle like wooden crate lined with a cloth diaper) so that we can pin our hopes on Jesus. (from Wild Goose Worship, Cloth for the Cradle.
Now if only I could get Christmas Eve together!!!
First things first. The turkey and then the other will follow.
I have peace today and that is worth all my thanks.

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