Friday, October 25, 2013


So this morning I donned a new pair of Lee casual khaki pants to do my grocery shopping and errands. This is the first time to wear them and they didn't need to be shortened or taken in at the waist. Jackpot! While I was (ahem) in the powder room I noticed that the lining in the front and for the pockets were scribbled with lines of affirmation: "You are valued", "You are creative", "You are inspiring", "You are confident", and "You are successful". Great. One would think you would find such affirmations in a pair of dress/career slacks. That would be helpful. But here these are casual affirmation pants. Perhaps, one needs to be reminded of these things even on a day off!
I confess I feel a little intimidated by them. I'm not so sure I can live up to those statements. We shall see!

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