Monday, November 11, 2013


The weekend was a wonderfully fun unfolding. My SILs arrived just after lunch on Friday and we, LH and I, took them to the First Ladies Museum and saw some interesting china pieces from various administrations, some replicas of dresses worn by several first ladies and a couple of real ones. They even had a pair of Martha Washington's shoes! The second half of the display was on Ida McKinley and was in the Saxon House that had been restored with period pieces and reproduction wall paper ( Wm Morris and others). Really quite interesting. There is much to learn about the First Ladies because most of the focus is, of course, on the Presidents!
The tour took a bit longer than anticipated and we had to book to get home and change for dinner at the nicest restaurant in town. There was enough time for a champagne (OK it was prosecco) toast and some brie and crackers.
We enjoyed a marvelous dinner and the time flew by. We had to hurry once again to get home, in order to Skype with older BIL & SIL in Canada. Turned on my laptop just in time for the call to come in. A box arrived earlier that day from them and the SILs were able to open their gift in front of the senders! I had ordered a triple chocolate tort from a local grocery store and lit the candles and we all were able to serenade them with "Happy Birthday". After the Skype session, it was on to enjoy the cake with coffee! Then came the gift bags and all the little goodies - mismatched socks to stay a bit crazy, cute nighty to stay womanly, and all kinds of lotions, nail files, etc. as a bit of pampering, some Pirouline wafers, because let's face it, after we're 50 we still need some chocolate and tasty treats!!!
Saturday, we were up early and the pancake breakfast was served by 8:30 am. Manicures were scheduled for 9:30 am and we should have been done by 10:45 am the latest, but the salon overbooked and it also took longer. We rushed home and changed into dresses and hats and off we went to the county seat for a lovely ladies tea at a Tea Room. A friend of my SILs also came in for the tea. We had High Tea for lunch - appetizers, finger sandwiches of chicken salad and pimento cheese, and of course, the sweet treats of all kinds. The tea list was as extensive as wine lists at fine restaurants. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and a stroll through the gift shop.
I took a different way home and spied a banner by the environmental center/park and sure enough it was the annual art fest. I had forgotten it was this weekend. So with a hard right turn that nearly sent my one SIL sliding across the back bench of the van (thank goodness for seat belts!!) we turned in and walked around the little art fest that featured woodworker, a couple painters, photographer or two, some over priced jewelry displays, a fashioner of gourds, and others.
We got home for a little time of putting up our feet!!
Then it was time for me to make dinner and there was some left over birthday cake. We relaxed the rest of the evening.
On Sunday, the SILs slept in and I eventually made eggs and bacon and toasted English muffins for breakfast. LH returned home from worship and we enjoyed smoked chicken salad that I made earlier that morning. And then the SILs had to leave for home and LH to the old folks home for worship.
I did take my Sunday afternoon nap.
I hadn't meant to wear everybody out!! But it sure was fun to spend some time with the SILs, get tutored on my smartphone, and to be able to do something special for them and pamper them a bit. They certainly deserved to have a very memorable 50th Birthday celebration!!! It is afterall, a once in a life-time birthday!!!
Now my focus will return to more spiritual things - Advent/Christmas and to the upcoming Thanksgiving. I'm just so glad everything went so well and that they seemed to enjoy it all. Blessings abound.

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Sarah B said...

The weekend was fantastic, Barbara! Thanks so much for putting everything together!! :-) Loved every minute of it.

Sarah (and Sue!)