Tuesday, November 12, 2013


now that I have Advent planned out. Still working on Christmas Eve. I have even finished the newsletter article for December. Just need to write a prayer for the congregational meeting this coming Sunday.
I believe that this will be an insanely busy Advent what with Thanksgiving coming so late. I pray to be able to complete all in a timely manner and not rip all my hair out!!!
The next challenge is the annual Christmas letter reflecting a rather ordinary year. As if that isn't challenging enough, I have to write the same letter in German for several of my family in Switzerland. That one always takes a whole afternoon and the grammar hasn't gotten any better over the years! At least my relatives get the gist of what I mean!
Well, off to fill my gas tank for my commute into church tomorrow and council meeting. It's been snowing overnight and off and on this morning. Fortunately, there is only a slight accumulation and the roads seem clear.
It would be a blessing to have a slow Advent, time to savor and reflect more, but God has other plans this year!!! I shall work on keeping myself grounded in the midst of swirling activity and Christmas which will arrive only all too soon, but welcomed in spirit and heart all the same.

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