Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yesterday was a just enough day. I was home and cleaning house. I had just enough Comet left in the container to clean the 2 upstairs bathrooms. I had just enough Armstrong Floor Cleaner left in the bottle to mop the bathroom floors. When it was time for lunch, I had just enough pico de gallo to throw in my spinach salad and just enough lite Ranch dressing left in the bottle to finish it off on my salad. There were just enough saltine crackers left in the sleeve to polish off.
Which spurred me to realize that perhaps God was pointing out to me that just enough will do, that just enough is enough. Hard to ignore when most everything one is using that day are the last remnants and they are enough to get the job done. Over and over the message was came through.
I am to be content, I am to be grateful, for just enough. Just enough will see me through. Just enough is enough. Thanks, God, for that reminder.

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Martha Spong said...

Amen. Sometimes just enough is plenty.