Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Just an ordinary enough Tuesday cleaning house. It was near lunch time and I happened to be in the kitchen, having just emptied a bucket of water from mopping the upstairs bathroom floors, when the phone rings. Not that unusual. However, it was LH calling, which he never really does unless something is amiss.
Turns out he was at the Old Folks Home and pulling out of the parking space back first to go get lunch when boom and a shattering of glass! His rear window was shattered by a hunk of metal - like part of a hook - from perhaps a semi-truck. Now the old folks home is on a main street, but it isn't a hugely busy thoroughfare. He never saw a truck. I think St. Luke (namesake of the Lutheran old folks home) was watching out for him. Had he parked where he would pull out front first - well - I really wouldn't want to think of how injured he could've been. He did get a hold of our insurance agent and was able to stop at the Safelite glass place. They cleaned out all the glass and determined the metal piece didn't come from a plane which would have literally gone through the whole car - window, seat, to the ground. His car will have the rear window replace on Thursday morning - putting him a bit late into the church office, but he will be there and that's the point.
What a randomly freaky thing to have happen. I've had two windshields replaced while highway travelling with stones cracking the windshield but nothing like LH experienced.
I finished cleaning house, made dinner for my beloved LH and with his car in the garage - rear window taped in plastic - he took my van to his council meeting tonight. I am ever so grateful that the rest of the day ended more ordinary and I am ever so grateful that LH wasn't hurt at all. Just really freaky thing, for a Tuesday, or any day.

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