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My first ever Friday Five is dedicated to Nikki, sister RevGal, who was hungering for an opportunity to write about Haggis. With that introduction, today’s FF is all about food!

1) Is there a food from a foreign land whose reputation led to trepidation when you had a chance to give it a try? Did you find the courage to sample it anyway? If so, were you pleasantly surprised or did you endorse the less than favorable reputation that preceded it?
That would be Haggis. Knowing what it's made of caused me to be wary. LH ordered it in Oban, Scotland and I tried it and really
liked it. As long as I didn't think about it too much, it was quite delicious and something I would eat again!
In England, it was mushy peas! Why ever would one take a good pea and cook it to mush? I really didn't care for mushy peas at all.
Up in the Yukon, it was caribou and reindeer and muskox - all very good, especially the reindeer sausage!!!

2) What food from your own country/culture gets a bad rap?
Blutwuerst or blood sausage. Yuck! Kalbskopf or calf's head - where the head is cooked and you eat the gelantinous stuff. Never
will I try it. Senne Mutschli cheese - rather fragrant semi soft cheese but oh so good.

3) Of what food are you fond that others find distasteful?
Perhaps, that would be spinach. Many folks don't care for it. I love it cooked or raw in salads. I make spinach omlets that
are a dinner and oh, so tasty.

4) Is there a country’s food, not native to you, that you go out of your way to eat?
Greek! Dolmades, Gyros, Lamb, Spinakopita, Baklava, Greek salad, what's there not to love? I also enjoy French, German,
and Swiss foods.

5) What is your guilty pleasure food?
Swiss milk chocolate that simply melts in your mouth! The best stuff on earth!

Bonus: What was your most memorable meal (good or bad), either because of the menu, the occasion, the company, or some other circumstance that makes it stand out?
There have been so very many. One was in Sion, Switzerland with LH and his Dad after a day on the small Matterhorn in Zermatt.
We were on our way back to our chalet and stopped for dinner. Since it was October, it was game season. Being in the French-
speaking part of Switzerland it was a bit challenging not speaking French. We stopped at this little restaurant because it had
a game menu. The menu was all in French. We asked the waiter if he knew German. "Not really," he responded. How about English?
"Even less than my german!" he replied. We inquired about a certain game item - and he tried to explain! Then he mimicked a
snort, crooked his two index fingers on either side of his mouth and I guessed it - wild boar!!! It had been marinated for
a week and was simply delicious. After a picture perfect day with the Matterhorn we had an absolutely fantastic gourmet meal
for dinner.
In South Africa while in Capetown, we ate dinner at Café Africa - a multi course dinner with items from various parts of
Africa and good wine. The kudu was wonderful and each course was so delicious. We waddled out of there, thankful for the
20 minute walk back to the hotel. Another night, we ate at Panama Jack's, a little shack (known by locals) on the docks.
We enjoyed King Clip and great wine, that was simply divine. We took a taxi from the hotel to get there, since it's hard
to find. The taxi driver wanted to know how we heard of it being Americans!!! I told them, our friends in Jo'burg!!!
Up in the Yukon, we ate some memorable dinners of native food - see above - and a scrumptious muskox, caribou and reindeer
stew also with great wine. Being with LH, in some of the most wonderful places, with great food made for the best meals.
I would also say, that being with family, whether at Thanksgiving (when I cook) or at the Lake House in Wisconsin with
my sister, BIL and family with something grilled and salads and items we all cook together, along with great wine, good
company and being right on the shores of Lake Michigan - make for some of the best dining experiences ever. Company, great
food, good wine, and a nice view - always makes for the most memorable meals.

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Glad you took the time to play, even late. Thanks for sharing your food memories and pleasures, which are as vast as your travels and experiences!