Monday, February 04, 2013

A short, cold, often snowy month!
This month will find me busy with a Congregational meeting, Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, midweek Lenten potlucks and services,and a birthday. There will be much going on for such a short month.
It is cold and snowy. We are expecting up to 4 inches today and I'm hoping the hour commute home will not be overly challenging.
This morning I was given a surprise while making coffee. I looked out the kitchen window (over the sink) and lo, and behold, 5 deer were scampering through the meadow. The greys had just come in and barked at them as the movement of the deer caught their eyes and attention!! Haven't seen any up to this point and it was a delight to watch them.
Have to clean up my annual report, make some copies for mid week Lenten services and re-send the Ash Wednesday service.
So, on to the fun tasks at hand while praying I make it home safe and sound later today.
May your day begin blessed and graced with the beauty that only God can create.

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