Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lent seems long this year, for whatever reason. Perhaps, it's the stiff-necked folks at the church, the wounded ones who found it easier to leave or stay away, rather than come together, heal and work through the issues. Most want to move on and move forward. The one thoroughly wounded and perhaps, in some ways, a bit dysfunctional, wants healing, only it will never be the way it was before what happened. Unfortunately, this one has not found the way to leave, which would have solved much of the issue.
This one wanted to meet with me Sunday, after two worship services, adult Sunday School and Confirmation class. At that point, I really wouldn't have much to give her, namely my presence, and any wisdom only God can provide. So, I suggested Monday, late afternoon, where I can be more present and centered. Of course, that means I won't be home for dinner. I won't be home for dinner Tuesday either due to a committee meeting for which I drive in extra. I won't be home for dinner on Wednesday due to midweek Lenten potluck and service. I had planned to leave earlier on Monday, to make up for extra time on Tues. I'm hoping I can leave earlier the following Monday, especially since the following Tues. I have to drive in extra for the church council meeting. Part-time is never part-time, and the hour commute one way and all the extra miles and gas are adding up very quickly.
I do enjoy some challenge. I do enjoy serving. But, I have given so much more than for which I am compensated. So, this Lent is feeling long. Perhaps, that may change as the calendar flips to March and all of the Holy Week services need to be completed.
Maybe its because the cold is still lingering and I am ready for some warmer temps - I'd be happy with 48 degrees!!!
I journey through this long Lent one day, one small step at a time. May the journey lead to new life.

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