Friday, February 08, 2013


1) What is sneaking up on you, and what have you been thinking about?
Lent. It starts this Wednesday with Ash Wednesday. Still have some photocopying to do for the
the first Sunday in Lent and for the mid-week Wednesday potlucks and services. Every year, Lent and Advent
sneak up on me. I plan ahead, but then all of a sudden, the season is right smack in front of you.

2) What will you have for lunch today?
What did I have? Spinach salad with ham, muenster cheese, pico de gallo, avocado and lite ranch dressing.
Had a few multi-grain saltines with it. Beverage of choice: ice water. Bowl of blueberries for dessert.
The Boston Butt Pork Shoulder is cooking away in the crock pot for pulled pork sandwiches for dinner tonight,
along with brocoslaw.

3) If you were to get snowed in for two days, and you need to hunker down, what essentials and treats would you store up?
Chocolate. Oops, we're already stored up on that!!! Probably milk for LH, spinach and Rooiboss tea for me. And ingredients
for baking chocolate chip cookies. I always get the urge to bake when snowed in.

4) Tell me a story about one awesome thing you have experienced in the last couple of weeks.
Seeing the five deer frolicking through the meadow one morning. We don't see them very often and it is special to
see them. Such graceful creatures and cute. (as long as they don't eat up my garden!!!- which they haven't as we have
a fenced in yard and they've never gotten that close.)
And reading the interview with Joyce Rupp in SDI Presence Journal - she is just such a gifted, insightful, faithfilled
person and she inspires me be better.

5) What is your favorite office supply to splurge on? (now THAT is random, right?)
Mostly paper - copy paper of various colors, post its (or similiar product) that come in different designs and colors,
card stock for projects (Lenten bookmarks for each parishioner, and Lectio Divina bookmarks for Wed. Lenten suppers).
A close second would be pens, especially ir it is a brand I like. I also have about 5 pens on me - Pentel WOW retractable
ball points and Bottle2Pen gel pens that write even when stored in a cold vehicle (for recording mileage & gas expense).


Purple said...

The deer sighting. How awesome.

revkjarla said...

I love deer, too. What a great play! Thanks!

river song said...

great lunch! I'd love to stop by for chocolate chip cookies, too. Blessed Lent!